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Zhejiang Jinyue Machinery Technology Developing Co., LTD.

Zhejiang Jinyue Machinery Technology Developing Co., LTD is a subsidiary corporation of Jinfei Holding Group, which owned registered capital up to 130.4 million RMB. It is an innovative enterprise, specialized in developing machinery and equipment as well as manufacturing of high-tech. Committed to the industrial automation control system, automation of complete sets of control equipment research and development, manufacture, it can be tailored according to customer demand.

Under its own continuous efforts in recent years together with help and support of all leaders, the company has become the units of robot industry technology alliance vice President. It also was recommended by Zhejiang Jinhua service providers named, "machine substitution", which is rank in the first batch of "substitution" machine engineering services�company. Jinyue enterprise information engineering institute of science and technology industrial information engineering in Zhejiang province was listed in the provincial key enterprise institute.

The company never deviates from the principles of the practical, high efficiency energy saving and low maintenance cost. And it gradually has the strength to compete with international counterparts on the basis of original equipment updating constantly. At present, the company products not only sells in domestic, but also exports to Egypt, India and other international markets. The company facing both at home and abroad to undertake all types of turnkey engineering services, and related technical consulting, technical support and other services. So that the company shifted from a manufacturing to manufacturing and its service combined with a comprehensive enterprise, enhance the company's overall competitive advantage and future growth space.