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Zhejiang Jinfei E-bike Wheel Co.ltd.

Zhejiang Jinfei E-bike wheel CO.Ltd is a subsidiary company which is invested base on Zhejiang Jinfei Machinery Group Co.Ltd, the registered capital is 5 million RMB. It mainly engaged in producing and selling bicycle rims and e-bike wheels. It has accumulated rich producing experience for more than 10 years, now it has stuff over 300, and have the ability to produce 3 milion e-bike wheels and 1 million pairs of bicycle rims per year. It can speedly meet the need of customers in the shortest time,especially in E-bike's sale season.

For quality,it can provide all types of e-bike wheels and "Feichi" bicycle rims which not only satisfy customers' requirement but also exceed industry level.Our production is highly praised by customers.

The products match with some famous vehicle companies, such as Yamaha, Xinri, Luyuan, Yadi, Xiaoniao and so on. And the sales has extended to the market of overseas, it has built a long cooperation relationship with the clients of these areas, such as Japan,Korea,Israel and Taiwan.