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Jinhua Agricultural Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory

Jinhua agricultural pharmaceutical machinery factory is subordinate company of Jinfei Holding Group Co., with more than 50 year-history specialized in manufacturing equipment for plant protection. Main products are all kinds of "Golden Bee" diaphragm pumps (single cylinder, double-cylinder, three-cylinder, four-cylinder, six-cylinder, flow range is differ from 40L/min to 215L/min). The boom sprayer which is complete set of "Golden Bee" pumps is used widely among pest control of northeast soybean, Xinjiang cotton and north corn and other upland crops.

Product Feature: high working pressure, good self-absorption function, dehydrating operation, strong corrosion resistance, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance and so forth.

Stretching, stationary and hand-pushing power sprayer which are composed by "Golden Bee" diaphragm pumps, are widely used in agriculture, forestry and the prevention and control of urban garden plant diseases and insect pests, spraying liquid fertilizers and herbicides, agricultural irrigation, mountain water and underground pipe spraying, epidemic prevention, industrial cleaning, chemical infusion and other fields.

"Golden Bee" products were awarded as "The Most National popular equipment for plant protection", and won the silver medal of the 2nd China agricultural fair, the brand products in the 3rd China agricultural expo, the brand-name products in 2001 China international agricultural expo.

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