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Our Company Held Middle Autumn Day Dance Party

Our Company Held Middle Autumn Day Dance Party and Lantern Riddle

Jinhua Municipal (Jinfei Cup) Basketball Match

5th Oct 2011, The Group Company Organized Subsidiaries to Sing Jinfei Song and Do Exercise Activity

9th Sep 2011, Middle Autumn Day Granted Moon Cake

23rd July 2011, Welcome New Graduates to Creat Glorious Future

23rd July 2011, Welcome 2011 New Graduates to Creat Glorious Future

On 9th July 2011, Love Motherland and Love Work

On 8th July 2011, the Group Company Held Cool Summer Solicitude Activity

Workshop Construction Competition Activity was Finished Smoothly

On 4th July 2011, The Group Company Organized Party Members to Travel Taizhou Jiangshang Island

On 4th July 2011, Jinfei Party Members Took Photos in Taizhou

This June our company made firefighting drill

On 10th Jun 2011, Jinfei chorus attended
Jianfeng Cup match

Volleyball members photo

Remote mountain experiencing activiry

Reporters from Jinfei newspaper took part
in writing training

Mutual Love volunteer activities in remote
mountain experience

Tug of War

Awarding Ceremony

Group Photo of Kaida and Group

Volleyball Match

Top Ten Singers

Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

Group Photo of Condolatory Activity

Interview and Writing Training

Correspondent' s activity

Tug-of-war Contest

Forklift's Skills contest

Members of CPC Participate JINFEI school Donation ceremony

Members of CPC activity

test of Welders skill Match

Members of Trade union activities

basketball match

Staff Participate JINHUA's Culture and Art Festival

company's Choir sing "Jinfei's song" in the evening party

staff Show a Piece in the evening party of Jinfei's 50th anniversary


group picture of winners

Tourism of outstanding staff

Chinese chess Match

Military Training of new staff

staff reading books from Library

swimming race

staff Participate the activity of TV

Parents and Child take apart in a activity of the company

staff write down the Bless to company

Child of company's staff present Flowers to Star

a group picture of Knowledge Contest winners

staff reading book in the reading room