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We are an alloy wheel distribution co. based in NORTHERN part of India ¨CPUNJAB.
We are alloy wheels distributor company and have been SERVING NORTHERN MARKET PAST 2YEARS
We are interested to receive your catalog and specification sheet so that we can study your designs and then look at a long term association ,
Please e mail us all your data.
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Dear Karanvia, Thanks for your email, i am allision, i will contact with your email and send you catalogue.
TIME:2017-11-18 11:33:49
Re: 20521880-3AT WRITER:Overbeck

Thanks for the quick response. I noticed your 'JFW' logo on a sample set of the wheels I was looking at. I would like to know more about the manufacturing process for your wheels. Are they gravity cast or pressure cast? Are they flow-formed? Which alloy are they made of? Any information would be appreciated.


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Hello Mitch, we will answer your questions by email. My email address is allision@jinfei.cn Thanks.
TIME:2017-4-20 23:38:48
Mr. WRITER:Overbeck
I am seeking information on a specific wheel. It is 8"x18", 5x120mm, with number 20521880-3AT stamped inside the rim.


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Hello Mitch, thanks for your email. We have the wheel and can I know how you know the wheel is from company? And what is your order plan for it?
Thanks and best wishes.
TIME:2017-4-20 6:46:42
Greetings to you by ADIA. WRITER:Mrs Rose Williams
Greetings to you by ADIA.
We are a France-Paris based investment company known as Avit
Development Investment Authority working on expanding its portfolio
globally and financing projects.
We would be happy to fund and invest with you in any profitable
project if you have any viable project we can finance by making mutual
investment with you. If you are interested, kindly contact us
on:avitinvestmentauthority2@gmail.com for more details.
Looking forward hearing from you soonest.
Yours truly,
Mrs Rose Williams
(Personal Assistant)
Avit Development Investment Authority(ADIA)
501 Avenue Montaigne,75008 Paris-France
Paris-France.Avit Development Investment Authority (ADIA
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Dear Mrs Rose, sorry, we do not need. Thanks.
TIME:2016-12-31 18:51:52
Mr. WRITER:Sam Anani
hi i'm after SUV alloy wheels and normal vehicles alloy wheels sizes 20 inch
if you new and nice models please send me a catalogue to my email
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We will contact you if necessary Thank you!
TIME:2016-7-18 7:59:50
I am MR.WASEEM, director,
We are an alloy wheel import and redistribution co. based in southern part of India ¨C BANGALORE.
We are the professional alloy wheels importer company and have been in INDIAN market for the past 8 years.
We are interested to receive your catalog and specification sheet so that we can study your designs and then look at a long term association ,
Please e mail us all your data.
Thanks in advance.
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Later on,Our foreign trade colleague will contact with you.thanks!
TIME:2016-7-14 2:10:17
Mr. WRITER:Lefort
Please could you send you detailed information related to automotive aluminium wheels including annual output, turnover, R&D capabilities, ...
Thanks and kind regards
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If you want to know the detailed information please contact with secretary room of president. thanks.
TIME:2016-6-17 10:30:30
Ing. WRITER:Patrick

I need a report for the 8,5x19Zoll ET35 Rotor Wheel
Number 54771985
Can you please send me the report


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Thanks for your message, our sales will reply to you by today. Pls check your mail later.
TIME:2016-1-17 21:32:39
Mr WRITER:Mohamed
Have a good day.
Mohamed from Egypt I ask about 13 inch wheel
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Dear, we have 13inch design, you can send email to allision@jinfei.cn
TIME:2015-6-7 14:04:36
hey WRITER:Junior Pena
Im looking for a Jinfei wheel 18x8 offset 12 BBS RS Replicas 5x114.3 center cap.
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sorry, we don't have.
TIME:2014-1-16 12:57:09
Mr WRITER:Paul Macmillan

I have a set of your alloys (CODE:10135) one of them cracked when I hit a hole in the road. Is there any suppliers in the UK that I can get a replacement?

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Hello,Paul.Thanks for your message.May i know which company did you buy the 10135 wheel?And which size,offset,pcd,center bore and finish?After double check with the details then we can give you a quick reply.
TIME:2014-1-3 3:18:28
Sales Wheels Portugal WRITER:Jorge Ferreira
Hello. I have 3 companies in Portugal sales of auto parts. I am looking for direct suppliers to have good price on resale. I sent email to you (geral@jfcarparts.com), I am very interested in working with your firm. I await response.
thank you
Jorge Ferreira
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TIME:2013-3-26 14:40:04
IqnOcwJie WRITER:Muhamad
That insight would have saved us a lot of eofrft early on.
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TIME:2012-10-20 1:10:15
IqnOcwJie WRITER:Muhamad
That insight would have saved us a lot of eofrft early on.
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TIME:2012-10-20 1:10:14
Mr WRITER:Lomesh
Jinfei selected Mauritius as a economic base to export its products to Africa. 500 acres of land had been provided by the government of Mauritius, and additional works from tax payers money of $20million undertaken on the area. It has been 6 years now and no economic zone has been created yet. It was a project of $1billion. Are there still plans to invest in Mauritius or should we deem that the project has been cancelled and the prime land redistributed?
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TIME:2012-10-7 19:53:47
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