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Economy running smoothly of Guangzhou Production capacity of new energy vehicles increase by 4 times.
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       Statistics Bureau of Guangzhou published the economic data of the whole city from January to May on June 28th , during the time economic running smoothly, growth of fixed asset investment , total retail sales of consumer goods , fiscal revenue , total tax revenue , transportation had improved , industrial production , consumer price  level kept steady , however , growth of exports , fiscal expenditure , bank deposit had declined.
       Data shows , output of enterprises above designed size increased 179.73 billion from January to May , increased its year-on-year by 6.6% , equaling January to April’s growth . Three pillar industries total output increased by 10% , growth decreased 0.5% than January to April . Among them , growth of electronic products manufacturing and petrochemicals had improved both . Value-added , highly technical new products had showing a good momentum , 1721 new energy cars , 382,300 SUV had been produced.Inceased by 4 times and 93.6% separately ; Produced 2.065 billion photoelectron,inceased by 2.9 times.
       The profit of industrial enterprises was rapidly increasing . From January to April , enterprises above designed size made 33.437 billion in profit,grew by 26.8% , inceased by 40% on the same period last year . Automotive manufacturing continues to be the main engine of the city's industrial profit growth , inceased total profit by 54% .
      The whole city completed fixed asset investment 16.914 billion from January to Mayincreased by 12.2% , real estate development investment increased by 9.6% , 7.3% more than January to April’s growth . However , industrial investment drop increased slightly , industrial investment 19.595 billion , decreased by 2% . 
       The whole city realized retail sales of consumer goods 348.39 billion , increased by 8.6% . According to customs’ preliminary figures , imports and exports amounted to 320.07 billion RMB yuan , increased 2.9% on the same period of last year , above the national and provincial average . CPI rose 2.8% , rises the same with last month . PPI decreased 2.8% , drop the same with January to April .
     The whole city completed general public budgets revenue 57.469 billon , increased by 14.4% , among them , tax revenue was over 80% , 47.231 billion . In the items of taxation , corporate-income tax revenue affected by factor of the final settlement , had a rise of 23.6% , business tax revenue affected by replacing business tax with value-added tax before the reform of instruction enterprise billing increases and other factors , had a rise of 22.5% .( From Nanfang Daily)