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New Energy Automobile Hit a Record High in the First Half Year
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    Under the dual effects of national and local policy support, in the first half of this year, new energy Automobile growth close to ninety percent, the sales and production capacity hit a record highonce more .Rapid growth of the new energy car market at the same time, the risk of excess capacity and low expansion has been revealed.
    Yesterday, the national bureau of statistics data show new energy automobile production up to 66000 unit in month June this year,increased by 22.2%compared with the 54000 unit in month may, increased by 88.6%compared with the same period last year ;All in a total,new energy vehicles production has reached 285000 frommonth January to June this year , year-on-year growth of 88.7%.
    New energy Automobile sales rising at the same time, the risk of excess production capacity is also growing.The national development and reform commission, industry coordination department of mechanical powersection chief Wu Wei said that we have a l positiveoverall market development of new energyvehicles,but still exist some highlight problem such as scattered,messed, blind investment .The current  new energy vehicles and power battery and other key parts appeared blind investmentphenomenon.As some localities and enterprisesdo not have industrial base, key technology and research and development ability has being joined continuously, results in risk increased of  lower level repeated construction and excess capacity .
    The national development and reform commission recommend  that new energy vehicles are in a critical period of accelerated development, on the one hand, need to strengthen the construction of key technology research and development capabilities. on the other hand, we need to pay attention to guard against lower level repeated construction and blind investment to build new energy automobile project.(source: liberation daily)