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JinfeiHolding Group 2017 advanced staff awards ceremony and staff joint show
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     On February 10, 2018, the 2017 Advanced Staff Award Ceremony and Employee Joint Show of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. was held in the auditorium. The board of directors of the Company, all the members of the management team as well as the employees of various subsidiaries and departments witnessed this event. Ge Bingzao, chairman and president Jinfei Holdings Holding Co., Ltd, delivered an important speech.

    At the ceremony, all honored winners—theunderstanding party members, excellent correspondents, outstanding announcers, outstanding team leaders, technicians, innovative pacesetters, quality pacesetters, advanced technicians, advanced individuals with advanced technologies, top salespersons, excellent new comers and management, advanced workers, outstanding employees, celebrity employees, outstanding managers were awarded and commended.
    Many programs were showed by Jinfei employers at the award ceremony, such as comedy sketches, musicals, chorus, hip-hop, folk dance.Versatile Jinfei employers showedall people their youth and vitality.