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Warmly Celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the 60th Anniversary of Jinfei Group Holding Co., Ltd., the 20th Anniversary of the Restructuring, and the Launching Ceremony of the 10th Corporate Culture Festival.
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     On May 5, 2018, Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. established the factory for 60 years, the ceremony for the launch of the 20th anniversary celebration of restructuring and the launching ceremony of the 10th Corporate Culture Festival were held successfully. There are six startup points for the launching ceremony, namely Jinhua Xianhua South Street Launching Point, Jinhua JindongLaunching Point, Jinhua Jinxi Launching Point, Guizhou Guiyang Launching Point, Yunnan Fuyuan Launching Point, and Ningxia Zhongning Launching Point. The board of directors of the group company, all members of the management team, as well as the employees of the subsidiaries and departments participated in this event.

    The launching ceremony officially began at 8 am. He Dongting, President of Kaida Corporation, presided over and introduced the agenda of the event. Mr. He states that the holding of this event is an important part of the current corporate culture and spiritual civilization construction! The slogan “The new generation of Jinfei are full of vigour and vitality,it’s time  to build a dream for a hundred years and set out” not only explained the adherence of the trapeze to the ideal of serving the country during the past 60 years, but also included the praise of Jinfei’s hard rebirth under the leadership of the chairmanGe Bingzao in the 20 years as well as the expectation of future expectation.
    Ge Bing Zhao, chairman and CEO of the group, delivered an important speech. Mr. Ge said that over the past sixty years,Jinfei people have been sticking to the party's program, never forget their original minds, bear in mind their mission and pursue the dream of "serving the country by industry" with practical actions. In the past sixty years, the wheels never stops rolling, even the rain and the wind are all the way along, our workers are not afraid of hard work, hard struggle, and hardworking, and have created brilliant achievements. In the past twenty years, we have taken the good chance of reform and opening up, entering the market outward, performing management inward, controlling the quality and development of the new products, reducing consumption, doing research and continuous innovation, firmly footholded in Jinhua, constructing the layout of Ningxia, selling our wheels in Europe and the United States, and the successful entering into the domestic capital market. In April 18, 2017, Jinfei Kaida shares were successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, creating a new journey of Jinfei, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the goal of "100 year Jinfei", and writing a moving chapter.Today's achievements is the results of all the staff and workers' hard work in the past sixty years, and also inseparable from the support and concern of all the friends of all walks of life and the family members of the Jinfei  staff for the development of Jinfei. In the future, all Jinfei people should strive to work hard with  the spirit of “Time waits for no man”, give full play to intelligence,make contribution to Jinfei’s development and inject the strength of life into the prosperity of the motherland! Strive for Jinfei products andpride in China creating the world.
    Subsequently, the Chairman and President of the group company Ge Bingzao, executive vice president Ge Chu unveiled the ceremony, Kida President He Dongting announced that the celebration was officially started. After that, the employees at the starting points began to take part in the activities.
     (It is reported that the sixty years of the construction of the factory, the restructuring of the 20th Anniversary Logo from the gold and red ribbon is composed of numbers 20, 60 and also constitute a number 100, representing the memory of the past time, the reminiscence for 20 years of recollection, and the pursuit of the dream of 100 years.)