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Burn the passion and fight to the end
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     On the afternoon of August 16, Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. welcomeda comprehensive knowledge contest with the theme of “Being active and positive, cherish Jinfei in heart and mind”.Vice chairman of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd.Jiang Xiongfei, the director and executive vice president Ge Chu, vice president of the group company Feng Hong attended the event.

    In this event, there were 6 teams participating in the competition, namely the group representative team led by the group company's lead by director and executive vice president Ge Chu; the OEM representative team led by Ye Longqin, general manager of the Kaida company's OEM business unit; the aftermarket representative team led byLiu Wenqing, the general managerofthe Kaida after-sales business unit; Motorcyclerepresentative team led by Shi Xiaoxin, deputy general manager of the Motorcycle business unit;Yada representative team led by Wang Zhen, the factory managerof Zhejiang Jinfei Yada Wheel Co., Ltd.,;Jinxi representative team led by Tang Haijun, the director of the machinery factory. Each team has 3 representatives participating in the contest. The competition consists of six parts: the individualquestions, the answer questions, the group must answer questions, the risk questions, the plus questions and the audience interactive questions. The content of the competition covers the company's corporate culture, production safety knowledge, quality management knowledge, party group knowledge, life knowledge and other related knowledge content, and set questions such as multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, short answer questions, 
    At 14:30, the game officially began. After the host read the rules of the competition, the remembers of the teams competed and prepared for the honor of the group.
    At the beginning of the game, the competitors on the stage had a good answer, and the audience and friends from the audience cheered a lot. The first round of individual must-answer sessions ended without any mistake, and all teams scored 230 points. After a small test, the team members are full of confidence and ready to compete in the second quick-answering session.
    In the qucik-answering session, the contestants not only need to answer the questions correctly, but also take the lead in others to grab the opportunity to answer questions. Participants don't leave the answering device with their hands, every second counts, the support group is holding their breath, and they hope that their team can grab the opportunity to answer questions. The electric ringing bells of each other provoked the excitement of the audience and the warm applause. The sense of collective honor is vividly displayed at this moment!
   After two rounds of competition, the audience interactive session comes. If the support group answercorrectly, the corresponding team will add 10 points. The support group of the audience was enthusiastic, and the contestants on the stage were extremely nervous. The audience members lived up to expectations and became the best help for the team. When they got the prizes, they also gave their teams a lot of scores.
    The competition is in full swing, and the risk session pushes the competition to a climax. After several rounds of competition, each group scored a certain gap, the OEM representative team was far ahead with a total score of 400 points; the motorcyclerepresentative ranked second with 330 points; Jinxi representative team ranked third with 320 points.
    At the end of the competition, each contestant and team leader took the stage to receive the award. The leaders of each team made a summary and fully affirmed their own teams and support groups, and sent more hopes. At the same time, they presented their own opinions on this competition.
    Finally, Feng Hong, the vice president of the group company, represented the event planning team, gave high praise and heartfelt thanks to the colleagues who was able to take time out of his busy schedule to participate in the eventand watch the game. At the same time, she also inspired employees to actively participate in corporate culture construction and publicity so as to lay a good corporate culture foundation for better development of the company.
    This knowledge contest is not only a competition for personal honors, but also a popularization and experience of corporate culture knowledge. It is fun and entertaining, and it is a game that promotes learning, allowing employees to learn corporate culture knowledge and create employee enthusiasm in a happy and pleasant atmosphere, enhancing team cohesion and centripetal force.