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Image Etiquette Training for the 60-year Celebration of the Factory Establishment and 20th Anniversary of the Restructuring of JF Holding Group --Win the world and discover a better yourself On the afternoon of August 17, in the expecting eyes of col
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    On the afternoon of August 17, in the expecting eyes of colleagues from Jinfei, the chief etiquette trainer of Shanya Culture, Mr. He Yuxuan, came to the training classroom of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. This time, Mr. He opened a door to etiquette for everyone, and led everyone to appreciate the charm and style of image etiquette.
    First of all, Feng Hong, the vice president of the group company, introduced the teacher to the students and presented her own views on the image etiquette: Etiquette is a respectful and sincere welcome and see off. It is a bridge between individuals. No matter how rich ortalented you are, you will permeate your cultivation through words and deeds.
    Next, Miss He used her way to set forth what etiquette is for us. At the beginning of the training, Miss He and the students made an origami game to tell the students that communication is indispensable in image etiquette management.
    In the following training, Miss. He used the mode of "explanation + practice" to improve the trainees'professional accomplishment in an all-round way. During the training, Mr. He systematically explained the daily dress occasions, details and basic principles, and introduced the social etiquette such as meeting etiquette, telephone etiquette, reception etiquette, elevator etiquette, delivery items etiquette, introduction etiquette, handshake etiquette, standing posture, sitting posture, squatting posture and so on, and made a detailed decomposition demonstration. She emphasizes that the premise of etiquette is respect for each other, listening and giving comfort are the highest etiquettes.
    In addition to speaking, we must practice. At every stage, Miss. He set up a situational drill to let the students experience the right and wrong postures in order to deepen the students' learning impression and enhance the learning effect.
    Finally, here attaches a photo.The training has made a lot of peopl having a deeper understanding of etiquette. Beauty can be late but not absent, elegance can be cultivated but not lost, and the future yourself will wait in the future. We believe that through this training, we can have a clearer direction on how to shape a better self. From now on, enrich your own etiquette knowledge,make yourself enter your carrer gracefully and welcome the futurecalmly.