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Go all out to fight hardConcentrate on the economy
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    Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. participated in the mobilization meeting about the “war of the turning over” of city's real economy  

   On September 19th, the mobilization meeting of the city’s real economy “war of the turning over”and the construction of  “Made in China 2025” demonstration zone was held. Chen Long, secretary of the municipal party committee, stressed that the real economy “war of the turning over” must win and there is no retreat. The whole city must come up with the high spirits of frighting, and the conviction that the war will win. The city's strategy is to go all out to fight hard,and to focus on the economy, and to firmly follow the path of high-quality development.
   Yin Xuequn deployed specific work, Chen Xiao presided over the meeting,and Shao Guoqiang attended. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and made a statement at the meeting as a representative of the company.
   Chen Long pointed out that the real economy is the most important and most urgent battle in the "nine hard battles." All departments must profoundly realize that the real economy is not only an economic issue, but also a livelihood issue, a social issue, and a political issue. Grasping the real economy is grasping development and ensuring growth, is grasping opportunities and promoting transformation, isgrasping people's livelihood and ensuring stability. The development of the real economy must be the foundation of a strong city and the source of enriching the people. It must be placed at the first position, with hard work and no worries, and a determinedbelief to win the real economy in order to lay a solid foundation for the construction of the district.
   Chen Long stressed that to win the“war of the turning over” of the real economy, we must focus on the advantageous industries, closely focus on the main line of supply-side structural reform, continue to strengthen and expand the advanced manufacturing industry, and strive to build a strong manufacturing market and maintain the leading position of the digital economy. To play a role in promoting the commerce and trade industry and foster new high-energy development momentum. It is necessary to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, carry out the 810 actions of traditional industrial transformation and upgrade, speed up the level of scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promote the construction of small and micro enterprise parks and the "low-disorder" rectification work, strengthen the cultivation of enterprise main bodies, enhance product quality and efficiency, and promote traditional industries.
   It is necessary to firmly grasp the main task of project work, firmly establish the project as the most important concept, scientifically plan projects, focus on high-quality projects, and set up a project platform to provide more abundant source of water for economic development. It is necessary to vigorously carry forward the Jinhua Spirit in the new era, vigorously cultivate a team of industrial cadres who are proactive, dedicated, and honest. Being brave enough to be the best entrepreneurs in the era, developing the pillars of excellence, and striving for excellence team in craftsmanship, and creating a good atmosphere for joint efforts.
   Yin Xuequn demanded that the goal should be clear, according to the three-year operational plan of the city's real economy, focus on eight aspects of the construction of better manufacturing city , digital economy cultivation, major platform construction, education support, major project recruitment, market entity promotion, trade and commerce development promotion,and business environment optimization. It is necessary to focus on the current situation, keep an eye on the annual target tasks, speed up the project of the city and county leaders, and strive to lay a solid foundation for “excellent resources, strong platforms, and promote development”, the construction of small and micro enterprise, thespecial rectification of disorder , and the comprehensive land consolidation,and comprehensive reform of international trade forbeing a good opening ofthe war of the turning over. It is necessary to strengthen the guarantee to carry out to create a pioneering spiritin accordance with the requirements of operational materialization, task list, progress visualization, service precision, and assessment performance, the above-mentioned linkages, multi-party coordination, and practical work 
   Ge Bingzao, chairman and president of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., said in his speech that the key point of the current enterprise transformation and upgrading lies in the characteristics of the company itself. On the one hand, through intelligent manufacturing, comprehensively enhancing production operations, technology, equipment digital to enhance labor production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve labor structure, improve product quality; on the other hand, it is also the transformation and upgradingof all people's ideas and behavior characteristics.It is a brand new revolution, which in turn enhances the comprehensive capabilities of the entire enterprise. The municipal government held the mobilization meeting of the construction of "Made in China 2025" demonstration zone, which coincides with the "2018-2025" strategy of Jinfei. In the process of “Second Entrepreneurship” of Jinfei, Jinhua Headquarters should focus on the headquarters economy and focus on the “three-in-one” intelligent manufacturing system with “on-site lean management, digital operation management and scientific decision-making”. Sub-companies in each region will focus on the precise docking and resource integration of the market to maximize the benefits and strive to achieve the goal of “recreating a new Jinfei”at the end of the planning period, and contribute to the Jinhua economy and Jinhua manufacturing.