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Jinhua Municipal Association 2019 Year Members of the Literary, Artistic and Sports Sector visited Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd
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    On June 4, 2019, Vice President Hu Jinquan of Jinhua Municipal Consultative Conference led a group of members of the literary, artistic and sports circles to visit Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. Vice President Feng Hong of Jinhua Municipal Consultative Conference warmly received them and accompanied to visit Jinfei factory history exhibition hall and the production supervision center.
    At Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, Mrs. Feng gave a detailed introduction to the cultural and sports activities held during the development of Jinfei in the past 60 years to foster cohesiveness and centripetal force among employees. Together with enterprise development, Jinfei’s “Newspaper, Radio, Website, WeChat Public Platform” are  important carriers for the construction and dissemination of Jinfei culture. It also records the development footprint of Jinfei and witnesses the construction of corporate spiritual civilization. development process. At the same time, the company has been adhering to the corporate tenet of “the concept of “Establishing Humanistic Idea, Creating Centennial Enterprises” while focusing on the construction and cultivation of the talent team. The visiting guests expressed their appreciation for the hard work of the Jinfei people in the past 60 years, and they also had a strong interest in the cultural and sports activities organized by the company, and then they went to the production supervision center.

    At the production supervision center, Mrs. Feng explained to the visiting guests about the real-life display of smart manufacturing, and that the production supervision center mainly realized the real-time collection of on-site production, process, equipment and quality information through the Internet of Things, cloud platform and information integration technology; location tracking of logistics vehicles; centralized imaging of monitoring images; and real-time monitoring and analysis of energy consumption data. It can provide decision-making basis for the company's production, energy saving and security. The visiting guests expressed their high recognition for the work done by Jinfei in the field of "smart manufacturing", and affirmed the contribution made to Jinhua's social and economic construction, and hoped that the development of Jinfeiwill be better and better.