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Feng Hong, Vice President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., Led a Team to Visit Zhejiang Pangu Power Technology Co., Ltd.
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On the morning of August 26th, 2021, Feng Hong, Vice President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., led Jinfei's team to Zhejiang Pangu Power Technology Co., Ltd. to visit and exchange again, and built a strong relationship with Pangu Power.

Pan Cunwei, Human Resources Director and Director of General Manager Office of Panhu Power, welcomed the Jinfei team again and introduced Pangu Power Company to Jinfei team. Pangu Power uses disc motors as the core, integrates and optimizes gearboxes, controllers and other related components to provide energy-saving and efficient electric drive solutions for customers in the fields of new energy vehicles and various electric equipment and machinery.
During the visit, we saw a group of aspiring young people in Pangu Power devoted themselves to the real economy, and created the great business of Pangu Power with the determination of Pangu to create a world, and felt the development speed of Pangu Power: the company registered in 2019 has so far possessed more than 1,000 patents and various honors.From a cup and a piece of paper in the meeting room to the decoration style of the entire company and the marks of the production workshop, they all reflect the serious attitude and scientific spirit of the Pangu Power.
Looking back at Jinfei's development history for more than 60 years,  we have been conscientiously, steadily and persistently sticking to the industry, which has won the trust and recognition of government departments at all levels, partners, and customers. A sentence in the "Dao De Jing": "The difficult things in the world must be done easily, and the great things in the world must be done in detail." The great things in the world are achieved step by step from small places. Similarly, success cannot be achieved overnight.Whether it is Jinfei or Pangu Power, we are constantly advancing through attempts and innovations. Through mutual learning and communication, we can learn the essence and discard the shortcomings, and work together to vigorously develop the innovative real economy in the future and move towards intelligent manufacturing, and keep working hard and forge ahead.