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Feng Zhangyun, Executive Deputy County Magistrate of Jiangle County, Fujian Province, and His GroupVisited Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd.
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On the afternoon of August 30th, Feng Zhangyun, the Executive Deputy Magistrate of Jiangle Countyof Fujian Province, and his group visited Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd.Lou Guoxing, General Manager of Chenyu Trading Co., Ltd., warmly received Mayor Feng and his group, and accompanied them to visit the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, the production and operation supervision center and the automated production workshop.

In the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall, Mr.Lou introduced Jinfei's development history, corporate culture and industrial structure. In the tide of economic construction,  through implementing the strategic policy of "building factories around resources and arranging production and sales close to the market",Jinfei is based on Jinhua, spreading all over the country,and going overseas, and has formedan industrial pattern with two-wheel drive of aluminum wheels and automotive aluminum alloy related structural parts, and support of light alloy materials and intelligent equipmentstep by step.
In the automated production workshop, Mr. Lou introduced Jinfei's work in automated production process, machine substitution, and Internet of Things construction.On the basis of automated production lines, Jinfei combined with intelligent manufacturing systems, and used the Internet of Things, Beidou positioning, cloud platform, and information integration technology to achieve transparency and data management of the entire production process.
At the meeting, Mr. Lou once again welcomed County Magistrate Feng and his group. Jinfei used its industrial chain layout advantages to give full play to its intelligent manufacturing capability and technological innovation capability to continuously improve its comprehensive competitiveness.Mr. Feng invited Jinfei to Jiangle County to inspect the business environment and industrial policies, hoping to promote cooperation with Jinfei.
After listening to the introduction by the Mr.Lou, Mr. Feng affirmed Jinfei’s development achievements and praised the intelligent production method. He hoped Jinfei will continue to adhere to the manufacturing industry and adhere to the corporate mission of "intelligent manufacturing leads the future", and make full play to their own advantages better.