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Li Min, Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, and His GroupVisited Jinfei Group's Feiyang Town Project
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On the afternoon of September 7, Li Min, Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, accompanied by Cheng Changsheng, Director of Jinhua Economic and Information Bureau, visited Jinfei Group's Feiyang Town project to investigate the digital economy and future factory.Ge Chu, Executive Vice President of Jinfei Group, Zhang Jianquan, General Manager of Jinfei Kaida, and Yang Zhicheng, Chairman of the Motor Wheel Company, warmly received Director Li and his party and accompanied them to visit the Feiyang Town project site.

At the project site, Vice President Ge introduced the implementation of the Feiyang Town project. In order to achieve the goal of building smart motorcycle wheels into a world-class and domestic leading digital factory for mid-to-high-end motorcycle wheels,the company focused on the construction requirements of equipment digitization, process digitization, and operation digitization,invested a large amount of automated processing equipment, industrial robots, automated testing equipment, and used 5G technology, visual recognition systems, information and data collection devices, integrated MES, PLM, APS, etc., and built an efficient intelligent automated production line. Enabling industrial development through intelligence, it further reduces production costs, optimizes product structure, and improves the economic benefits of enterprises.
After listening to the introduction of Vice President Ge, Director Li affirmed the achievements of Jinfei Group's Feiyang Town project in digital construction, and praised Jinfei's insistence on independent research and development and grasping core technologies. He hoped that Jinfei can give full play to its independent advantages and turn the smart motorcycle into an excellent future factory, and make greater contributions to the local economic construction.