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Chen Song, Secretary of Bozhou District Party Committee, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, and His GroupVisited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd.
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   On the morning of September 19th, Chen Song, Secretary of the Bozhou District Committee of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, and his group visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. Ge Chu, Executive Vice president of Jinfei Group and Lou Guoxing, General Manager of Chenyu Trading Co., Ltd. warmly received Secretary Chen and his group, and accompanied them to visit the factory history exhibition hall and automated production workshop, and then went to the conference room  for discussion and exchange.

In the exhibition hall, Vice President Ge introduced to Secretary Chen Jinfeis development history, industrial layout, manufacturing process of wheel, and the companys efforts in equipment digitization, process digitization, and operation digitization. In the automated production workshop, Vice President Ge introduced that on the basis of automated production lines, combined with intelligent manufacturing systems, an intelligent automated production line was created to realize the transparency and data management of the entire production process. After learning about the high-end and personalized aluminum wheel production process, Secretary Chen expressed admiration for Jinfei's advanced technology.

At the meeting, Vice President Ge once again expressed a warm welcome to Secretary Chen and his group, and accompanied them to watch Jinfei's corporate video and introduced the company's history. After listening to Vice President Ges introduction, Secretary Chen highly praised Jinfeis complete industrial chain and supporting conditions, and introduced the production and operation environment, development space and location advantages of Bozhou District. He hoped Jinfei would have the opportunity to go to Bozhou for inspection and wished Jinfei can give full play to its independent advantages, become bigger and stronger, and create greater glories!