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Xu ZanParty Secretary and President of Jinhua Daily Newspaper Media Group and His Group Visited Jinfei Group
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On October 14, 2021, Xu Zan, Party Secretary and President of Jinhua Daily News Media Group, Jiang Xiaoming,Party Committee Member and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Wu Weiping, Office Director, and Guo Ying, Director of Brand Operation Center visited Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of the Jinfei Group, and Feng Hong, Vice President, warmly received them and accompanied them to visit the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall and the production and operation supervision center.

Sun Bei, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union of Jinfei Group, introduced  that since the establishment of the factory in 1959, Jinfei's people, who have been serving the country with industry as their own responsibility, have been fighting in the economic construction, and have established milestones one after another. She also introduced Jinfeis development history from the stages of start-up, twists and turns, development, re-start, consolidation, transformation, and re-creation. During the visit, President Xu and his group had a keen interest in Jinfei’s history and culture, and were quite impressed with Jinfei’s promotion and application of Jinfei Newspaper, and deeply felt the corporate cultural deposits. They felt that Jinfei attaches great importance to the construction of the talent team, and the training of employees. At the production and operation supervision center, Feng Hong, Vice president, said that Jinfei has achieved intelligent development based on the development of automation. The research and development and application of the production and operation supervision center provide the company with decision-making basis for production, energy saving, and safety and environmental protection.

President Xu and his group highly praised the achievements of Jinfeis production and operation development, and affirmed Jinfei’s important development measures such as transformation and upgrading, going abroad, and building factories around resources, as well as important contributions to the local economy, and wished Jinfei will get better and better.