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Zhaduo,Deputy Secretary of Daofu County Party Committee and County Chief of Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and His GroupVisited Jinfei Group's Feiyang Town Project
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  In the afternoon of October 18th, Zhaduo, Deputy Secretary of Daofu County Committee and County Chief of Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province,  accompanied by Chen Su,Standing Committee of Wucheng District Committee and Executive Deputy District Mayor , etc., visited Jinfei Group's Feiyang Town project for on-site inspection and guidance. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of the Jinfei Group, and Wang Zhen, General Manager of the motorcycle division, warmly received them and accompanied them to visit the project site of Feiyang Town.

Mr. Ge introduced the construction situation, workshop process, etc. of the Jinfei Feiyang Town project. The project introduces 5G technology, intelligent identification technology, and a large number of industrial robots to realize flexible production and provide a basic guarantee for the establishment of a digital factory with digital equipment, digital process, and digital operation. Compared with the traditional production line, the automatic production line is produced through automation and assembly line, so that the product does not land, the number of workers is greatly reduced, the production cost is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved, the product structure is optimized, and the economic benefit of the enterprise is improved.

After listening to Mr. Ge's introduction, the county magistrate of Zhaduo praised Jinfei for its digitalization and intelligence, and hoped that Jinfei would continue to promote the factorydigital transformation , and promote the coordinated development of manufacturing innovation and environmental protection.