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Xu Renbing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Luzhou Municipal Party Committee of Sichuan Province, and His GroupVisited Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd.
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   On the morning of October 27th, Xu Renbing, Deputy Secretary-General of Luzhou Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, accompanied by Wang Guohua, Deputy Director of Jinhua Development and Reform Commission, and Fan Fengxin, Deputy District Mayor of Wucheng District, visited Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd. for research and guidance.Zhang Jianquan, General Manager of Jinfei Kaida, and Wang Zhen, General Manager of Motorcycle Wheel Division, warmly received Mr. Xu and his group and accompanied them to visit the site of the Intelligent Motorcycle Wheel Project.

Mr. Wang said that the construction of the intelligentmanufacturing motorcycle wheel project started in October, 2019 and was put into production in October, 2020. It just took one year, which verified our Jinfei speed.Of course, Jinfei’s rapid development is also inseparable from the care and support of government departments at all levels. Since the project settled in Feiyang Town, the district committee and district government have helped us solve a series of problems in the project promotion process.

At the project site, Mr. Wang introduced the construction situation and production process of the intelligent manufacturingmotorcycle wheel.The workshop uses a large number of automated processing equipment, industrial robots, automated testing equipment, visual recognition systems, information and data collection devices, and integrates MES, PLM, APS and other information systems to form an efficient and intelligent production line to further enhance the company’s product production capacity and technical content.Seeing the high-speed operation of the fully automated production line, Mr. Xu expressed high praise for Jinfei's level of intelligence.

After listening to Mr. Wang’s introduction, Secretary-General Xu said that Jinfei’s spirit of adhering to industry is commendable. He hoped Jinfei can persist in innovation, give full play to its independent advantages, and contribute more to the local economic construction.