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Feng Hong, Vice President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., was Invited to Attend the FoundingMeeting of "Jinhua Parents University"
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        On November 18, 2021, led by the Jinhua Women’s Federation, jointly initiated by the Municipal Education Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Health Commission and other departments, organized by Jinhua EducationCollege,the foundingceremony of "Jinhua Parents University"was grandlyheld in Jinhua Cultrue Centre. Mrs. Feng Hong, Vice President of Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd., was invited to this ceremony.

At the meeting, Jinfei Holding Group was awarded the "Jinhua Parents University" teaching practice base.

It is reported that the establishment of "Jinhua Parents University" is to comprehensively implement the party's educational policy and implement the important requirements of "Strengthen moral education and cultivate people " to the grassroots level. It is based on Jinhua, facing the whole province, serving tens of millions of parents, building and perfecting the education mechanism of school, family, and societyin the whole society; The school will implement the school-running model of "departmental joint operation, separation of management and operation, one school with multiple points, and integrated education ", and implement a multi-point training and teaching system, which takes the training management service platform led by Jinhua Education College as its core, community parent schools as supplements, and in which the majority of primary and secondary schools participate together.

Parents are the children’s first teachers, the family is the children’s first school, and the children’s future is the future of the nation.The establishment of "Jinhua Parents School" will definitelyhave a certain role in promotion of carrying forward the fine tradition of Jinhua’s pioneering reform and opening up, exploring and practicing the scientific teaching model, fully, accurately and comprehensively implementing the new development concept, serving the construction of the education center in central and western Zhejiang, and realizingboth family and business success.