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Yan Xiaojun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of Jinhua Women's Federation, and HerGroupVisited Jinfei
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        On November 8, Yan Xiaojun, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Jinhua Women’s Federation and Guo Lingyan,Party Secretary and Chairman of the Women’s Federation of Wucheng District visited Jinfei Holding Group Co., Ltd.for guidance. Feng Hong, Vice President of the Jinfei Group, warmly received them, and accompanied them to visit the Jinfei factory history exhibition hall and the production operation supervision center. Then they had a discussion.

During the visit and discussion, Mrs. Feng introduced to Chairman Yan and hergroup the development history, industrial layout, and corporate culture of Jinfei for more than 60 years.After years of hard work and development, especially after more than 20 years of leaping development after restructuring, under the correct leadership ofGe Bingzao,Chairman of Jinfei Group, Jinfei people with the mission and responsibility of "serving the country in industry" have gone abroad and opened up markets around the world, and actively implemented the strategic policy of "building factories around resources and arranging production and sales close to the market"to build Jinfei into a cross-regional manufacturing enterprise group with a global layout.While developing and growing, Jinfei has always been adhering to the corporate tenet of "building people-oriented and creating a century-old enterprise", focusing on the construction and training of talent teams.Female workers in Jinfei actively devote themselves to various work and activities in production and operation, and actively play their role in the construction of the two civilizations, and make positive contributions to the company’s sustainable, stable, healthy and sustainable development and family stability.

Chairman Yan and hergroup deeply felt the spirit of Jinfei people's continuous innovation and hard work, and struggling to catch up with, and she gave high praise to theenterprise spirit and corporate culture.She said that Jinfei’s development history is also the history of social development and family development. Through a visit to the exhibition hall, she has gained a deeper understanding of Jinfei. Jinfei's emphasis on the female community is also worth learning.She also gave guidance on how to better carry out the work of the Women’s Federation in the future: to provide more learning platforms, motivational platforms and self-exhibition platforms for female employees, and encourage female employees to grow and improve through measures such as March 8th Red Flag Bearers and Women's Civilized Posts, and to play a greater role in corporate development, and contribute to social construction.