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CODE:Tricycle Power Sprayer
SIZE:Flow£º40L/min Matching Power£º3kw or5.5HP Gasoline Engine Working Pressure£º1.5-2.5Mpa
QUALITY:The quality of Diaphragm pumps was identified as qualified products in the casual inspections in th
COMPANY:Jinhua Agricultural Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory, Jinfei Holding Group Co.
This power sprayer is the factory¡¯s latest development. By using modular design, according to areas and customers¡¯ market demands, many kinds of modified products and additional attachments can be produced from basic foundation, such as transportation: various types of pedal, electric tricycle. Gallipots: different capacities of customizable gallipots). It use ZMB240 diaphragm pump as insecticide spraying and atomizing machine. And it has the characteristics of large flow, a little high working pressure, small volume, compact structure, light-weight, strong corrosion resistance£¬easy operation and maintenance , short-term dehydrating operation and wide application. It can be matched with domestic famous gasoline engine and motor engine. Matching: stainless steel direct spray gun and adjustable spray gun. Its features are flexible movement, high efficient, large working range, low work intensity and so forth. It can be used in continuous and long-distance afforesting maintenance and epidemic prevention of plant diseases and insect pests in Urban area.