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CODE:Jinfeng-480 fixed type motor sprayer (mountain water pumping machine)
SIZE:Flow rate£º80L/min Range¡Ý18m Suction¡Ü4m Lift£º£¾1000m£¨for mountain water pumping£©
COMPANY:Jinfei Holding Group Jinhua Agricultural Medical Instrument Factory
Jinfeng-480 fixed type motor sprayer was formed by ZMB480 piston diaphragm pumps, 180 water-cooled diesel engine, chassis and water entering components, spray components, backwater components, etc. It has such features as large flow, high pressure, compact structure, strong corrosion resistance, easy operation and maintenance, dehydration operation, widely used, etc. Widely applicable to the mountains water pumping, agriculture, forestry and urban landscape pest control, agricultural irrigation, pipeline pressure spraying, infusion and other fields; it is an ideal pump for new industrial and agricultural.